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Misdemeanor Arraignment Proceedings
Arraignment [the hearing in which a person charged with a crime is arraigned in his or her first appearance before a judge. This is the first appearance of a criminal defendant (unless continued from earlier time) in which all the preliminaries are taken care of] proceedings will begin at 8:00 a.m.

It is imperative that you come dressed appropriately - shorts, halter-tops, scorts, clothing with vulgar, obscene and suggestive nature are deemed innappropriate.

Arraignment is usually an all day proceeding, therefore, please come prepared to be in attendance for as long as it takes to complete said hearing.

Children should not attend this proceeding.

When I report for Arraignment, where should I park my vehicle?
Since arraignment is usually an all day proceeding, it would not be a good idea to park at a meter due to the fact that a meter has time restraints. Park at one of the pay-to-park lots located around the square.
Where should I report for arraignment?
Report to the Central Jury Room on the 1st Floor of the Smith County Courthouse.
Will I have the opportunity to speak with the District Attorney regarding my case?
You will have the opportunity to speak with a representative (Assistant District Attorney) of the District Attorney's Office regarding your case.
What if I can not speak, read or write the English language and need a language interpreter?
An interpreter will be present at the hearing to assist.
What are waivers of arraignment?
Waivers must be in writing and have the cause number on the face. These forms must be filed before 8:00 a.m. on the day of arraignment.
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