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Felony Appearances
Felony Appearances

There are several steps in preparing for any court appearance.

Select Appropriate Attire:
Proper attire and behavior are required of everyone who enters a courtroom. Clothing must be clean and properly worn. No shorts, halter-tops, tank tops, scorts, mini skirts, ball caps, hats, clothing with vulgar, obscene and suggestive nature are deemed inappropriate and are not allowed in the courtroom. No exposed midriffs or stomachs. No exposed underwear. No chewing gum, drinks, candy, food or tobacco. All cell phones and pagers must be in the "off" position. If not, they are subject to confiscation. Anyone who is chewing gum or is not properly dressed upon entering a courtroom may be sent away until properly attired.
Plan Timely Arrival at Court:
Arrange to be in court on time. It is very important to be on time for all scheduled court dates. Allow extra time due to possible traffic congestion. If you are late or unable to attend your hearing due to a car breakdown, serious illness or other family emergency, contact your attorney or the court staff on or before your hearing time.
Arrange Child Care:
Make child care arrangements for your minor children. If you must bring your children with you to court, bring someone with you to watch your children in the hall while you are in the courtroom.
Felony Appearance Schedules

Attached is the felony appearance schedule for arrest dates, the assigned District Court and date for felony appearance docket in compliance with Senate Bill 7.

Please note this is for UNINDICTED arrest dates only, except for capias.  When a defendant is arrested on a capias, this schedule should be checked for the next available appearance date so the case can be placed on the Court's docket.  Defendants are ordered to appear, without exception, at the times assigned herein unless otherwise ordered by the Court.  Defendants in custody shall be transported to Court at a time designated by each Court according to the date of arrest.

2017 Felony Appearance Schedule

2018 Felony Appearance Schedule 


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