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Information Technology
The department of Information Technology contributes to an efficient and productive County government while using modern information technologies to improve citizen access to government information and services. With the growth of the County and increased demand for government services, it is imperative that the efficiency of the present county staff be maximized by the effective use of technology. Clearly there will be greater demands for technology projects than the County's budget or current IT staff can support. Smith County is making the necessary investments in information technology and software, which through careful planning and cooperative business/technical execution will provide citizens with a return on investment in the form of improved services.
This Business Plan outlines three key focus areas and sets forth both five-year goals and one-year objectives. The key focus areas represent the critical strategic areas in which we need to channel our energies and actions. The focus areas derived from the business needs are:
  • Enhancing the County's IT Infrastructure
  • Expanding Electronic Access to County Services
  • Managing IT from a Countywide Perspective
200 E. Ferguson, Suite 202
Tyler, Texas 75702

Office Hours:
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. M - F

Computer Services Helpdesk - (903) 590-4650
Fax - (903) 590-4658

Don Bell
Brian Chou
Will Christian
Jason Davisson
Terri Gerber
Linda Homer
Lorraine Jasso
Nathan MacFall
Morgan Rasco
Colton Sheffield
Joseph Yazdanpanahi
The Information and Technology Services Business Plan:
Aligns the systems and processes we manage with our business strategy, goals, Roadmap and Five-Year Technology Plan.
Our Vision:
Optimize, coordinate, and deploy Smith County information technology resources to support effective delivery of public services.
Our Mission:
Provide efficient, reliable, and cost effective information management services through the application of computing technology and related information resources. Provide planning and technical support for County-wide data processing. The purpose of Information Technology is to enable the County to achieve its business goals, priorities and objectives.
Our Values:
Customer can rely on us to provide stable information technology services. Our systems are designed to accommodate change and our staff thrives in a changing technical and political world.
Our Principles:
  • Focus on services; or connecting people not just computers.
  • Purchase software rather than develop it, when appropriate.
  • Deploy technology that lowers long-term costs.
  • Share and secure electronic information and make it accessible.
  • Deliver quality, up-to-date, stable, and secure technology.
  • County Roadmap guides plan development, execution and the overall process of continual service improvement.
  • Serve Public directly (public access electronic access/services) and indirectly (provide county employees tools and appropriate training for continual service improvement)
The Information Technology Team
  • Brian Chou
    Brian is involved with many network related projects. He primarily focuses on network related issues as well as maintaining system backups and documentation.
  • Will Christian
    Will main focus of activites is with the network. He handles many issues concerning the effeciency of our network and the demands put on the network. Having spent several years out at the EOC before joinging the IT department, Will is very familiar with their requirements and is a great asset to the department and has various certifications in Network Administration.
  • Jason Davisson
    Jason handles many of the computing and printing issues when our users submit service desk tickets. He is familiar will all areas of the County from the Courts and DA to the Sheriff and Jail. He is certified in PC maintenance but is also experienced in audio and video with an emphasis on the design factors.
  • Terri Gerber
    Terri focuses on applications and the web site. She manages the design and structure of the web site and has developed various web related tools used by the County such as the Time Accounting System. Her interests lie in many areas and she hopes to develop mapping tools for the County's Road and Bridge department, Elections, and other departments as the year progresses.
  • Linda Homer
    Linda is most familiar with our Judicial system and adresses many of the problems associated with printers, scanners and the phone system. She is usually the first to answer the phone when you call in, but can handle many of the front end user issues is a quick and timely manner.
  • Nathan McFall
    Nathan works various special projects and is mainly responsible for the EOC. He has a variety of experience from communications to customer service to networking and computing and is a strong asset to the department.
  • Morgan Rasco
    Morgan works in a variety of areas including PCs, networking, email, printer issues, and various other computer service areas. Morgan has been with the County since 2004, with the exception of a brief period with TISD. He provides an expansive array of experience as he has been in the industry since 1996 and has been an avid problem solver within the IT department.
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