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Smith County Cooperative Purchasing Information
Cooperative Purchasing Program
A local government may participate in a cooperative purchasing program with another local government or a local cooperative organization (§271.102).

A local government that is participating in a cooperative purchasing program may sign an agreement with another participating local government or a local cooperative organization stating that the signing local government will:
  • Designate a person to act in all matters relating to the program;
  • Make payments provided in the agreement;
  • Be responsible for a vendor’s compliance with provisions relating to the quality of items and terms of delivery.
A local government that purchases goods or services under this subchapter satisfies any state law requiring the local government to seek competitive bids for the purchase of the goods or services.
Cooperative Purchasing Information
Co-op Entity Information
List of Participating Cooperative Entities
Joint Purchasing Interlocal Agreement
For more information or a list of available contracts, please call the Smith County Purchasing Department at: (903) 590-4720.
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