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County Clerk

The County Clerk serves as record keeper for all Official Public Records which includes Real Property, Vital Statistics, Civil, Probate, and Criminal Misdemeanor records.  The Clerk's office is also responsible for recording all documents for County Court, Commissioners Court, and the County Courts at Law.  The County Clerk is the Local Registrar for Smith County providing Birth and Death Records when the event occurred outside the city limits of Tyler.

January 2013 we began making available the purchase of a birth certificate to anyone born in the State of Texas; simultaneously our newly designed Marriage License became available. This 4-color license displays a beautiful burgundy rose representing our "Rose City" and is recognized as one of the most attractive Marriage License in the State. Browse to Vital Statistics -> Marriages web page to view the new license.

If our office can be of assistance in any way please give us a call at (903)590-4670. 


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Karen Phillips,
County Clerk for Smith County
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BASEMENT (LOWER LEVEL): Official Public Records, Assumed Names and Cattle Brands
THIRD FLOOR: Criminal, Civil, Probate, Bookkeeping, and Vital Statistics

Address: 200 E. Ferguson Suite 300   Tyler, Texas 75702
Phone: (903) 590-4670    Fax: (903) 590-4689

Office Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. M - F *
* Office hours changed to allow time for deputy clerks to close and reconcile their registers.

Chief Deputy Clerk (903) 590-4671
Bookkeeping (903) 590-4693
Civil Division (903) 590-4673
Criminal Division (903) 590-4681
Probate Division (903) 590-4677
Real Property Records Room (903) 590-4692
Vital Statistics (903) 590-4698
Civil Division:
The Criminal Division records information on all misdemeanors heard in the County Courts at Law. It also provides administrative support to the courts through the issuance of warrants, summons, subpoenas, commitments, etc.
Criminal Division:
The Criminal Division records information on all misdemeanor and some felony offenses. It also provides administrative support to the county courts through the issuance of warrants, summons, subpoenas, commitments, etc.
Probate Division:
The Probate Division keeps records for the county court. The office issues citations, notices, letters of testamentary, letters of guardianship, letters of administration and other documents as required by law or requested by customers. The probate court hears cases concerning the probation of wills, administration of estates, mental health commitments, guardianships, etc.
Official Public Records:
The Official Public Records division preserves all documents pertaining to real property records. This includes deeds, tax liens, affidavits, leases, etc. This department also records Cattle Brands , and Assumed Name records

All Land Records and Assumed Names will be filed on the Lower Level of the Ferguson Building located at 200 E. Ferguson.

Vital Statistics:
The Vital Statistics Department issues and maintains Marriage licenses and records Military Discharge records. This department is also a local registrar for Birth certificates, and death records (occurring outside the city limits of Tyler, in Smith County only), (note: For information concerning births and deaths INSIDE the city limits you will need to contact the Northeast Public Health District at (903) 535-0030) , and Military records.
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