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Smith County Law and Justice
According to the Texas Association of Counties "County government is big business. More that ever before, the complex demands of modern society are focused on our traditional framework of local government - Texas' 254 counties. Since the early 1980's, as more and more federal and state responsibilities were delegated or mandated to the local level, counties have re-emerged as Texas' grassroots government - delivering a growing list of services and working smarter and harder to respond to the ever-changing needs of our dynamic state."

Major responsibilites of local county government include not only building and maintaning roads, maintaining public records, and collecting property taxes, but counties also provide law enforcement, construct and operate jails, and provide health and social services to many county residents.

Increasingly, county government is playing a vital role in the economic development of our local areas.

View the various areas responsible for Smith County Law and Justice, which include the Sheriff's Office , the office of the District Attorney , the five (5) precinct level Constables , and the PreTrial Release and Personal Bond Office which is an office that offers personal bonds to defendants considered for release who meet certain qualifications.

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