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Pre-Trial Bond Release Procedures and Conditions
We are here to help
  • The Smith County Pre-Trial Release Office is designed to help individuals who live in Smith County or surrounding areas to obtain jail release.
  • If you, a family member or a friend is in jail on a criminal offense, you may be released for $20.00 or 3% of the bond amounty, whichever is greater.
  • Contact our office when you, a family member, or friend is in jail. We may be your alternative to incarceration.
  • Cases are reviewed by Judges on an individual basis. No person is discriminate against because of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, or disability.
Conditions of Bond Release:
A personal bond is granted by a Judge based on the person's promise to obey the rules listed below:

Should a person fail to follow these rules, their bond will be surrendered for violation.

  • Report to PBO every week until your case has been disposed.
  • Notify PBO immediately of any change in your name, address, phone number, employment, or any time you go out of town.
  • You must fill out a Client Travel Sheet in person in our office.
  • Hire an attorney if one is needed for your case.
  • Refrain from unlawful conduct.
  • You must appear in court at the date and time your case is set.
  • You must report to PBO after every court appearance.
  • You must stay in Smith County until your case is finished.

Any false information given to this office may cause revocation of your bond.

Procedure for Bond Release:
  • Contact our office. Click here to go to our default page which lists phone numbers and location.
  • Inmate will be interviewed / investigated.
  • Submit folder to the appropriate Judge(s).
  • Wait for the Judge's decision. (Approval or Denial) We will contact you with the results.
  • Once the personal bond has been signed by the Judge the releasing procedure will begin.
  • Someone will remit the $20.00 or the 3% bond fee to our office. Once we receive the money, you will be given a receipt. PBO only accepts cash, money order, or cashier's check.
  • The jail is contacted so the inmate can be released.
  • The person bonded out must obey all the conditions of the bond until the case is disposed..

Note: An application must be completed.

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