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Smith County Crime Prevention
Crime Prevention
There are limited circumstances when a Texas Peace Officer may make an arrest for an offense which is not committed within their presence or within their view.

Under circumstances where an arrest is not made “on sight” Deputies will gather information and facts for your report and forward that information to Criminal Investigations for follow up. Detectives will build a criminal case based on the initial report; attempt to gather additional facts and evidence through witness statements, interviews, surveillance, and scientific methods.

Sex Offenders:
Criminal Investigations is responsible for registering and tracking convicted sex offenders living in Smith County. The Smith County Sheriff’s office is dedicated to ensuring that information about sex offenders is up to date and being reported accurately to the Texas Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Database. Periodic unannounced checks and sweeps are conducted across Smith County throughout the year to ensure sex offenders are living and working where they are supposed to be in order to ensure public safety and the safety of our children. These sweeps are conducted in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies and the U.S. Marshal’s Joint East Texas Fugitive Task Force.

To find out if a Sex Offender lives in or close to your neighborhood, registered sex offenders are tracked and you can get a map of where registered sex offenders live anywhere in Texas by logging onto the Texas Department of Public Safety web site

Auto Thefts and Burglaries:
Many thefts and burglaries can be prevented and half of all automobile thefts in Texas are the result of someone leaving their keys in the car. Follow some simple rules to guard your safety:
  • Do not store your spare keys inside your car. Experienced thieves know where to look for spare or hidden keys.
  • Take advantage of Car Alarm Systems, steering wheel, ignition column devices, and kill switches.
  • Park in well lit areas.
  • Do not leave purses, currency, packages, computers, purses, GPS systems, or other expensive items visible inside your car whether the vehicle is locked or not. Take them inside your home, lock them in the trunk, or hide them under the seats. Thieves look for vehicles with easily accessible items to grab quickly and get away undetected. If there is nothing inside, a thief will most likely leave your vehicle alone.
  • Take garage door openers with you. A thief can use it to access your home.
  • Do not leave personal documents or mail inside your car. A thief can use them to steal your identity or identify where you live.
In 2010-2011, over 75% of auto burglaries reported to Smith County Sheriff’s Office were the result of unlocked car doors where electronic items and purses were left in a vehicle overnight. Check the following links for additional helpful hints on safete:
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