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Smith County Crime Prevention
Reporting a Crime
When and how to report a crime to the Smith County Sheriff's Office largely depends on the nature of the crime.

You can follow directions for Filing a Report below, or click here to use our Online Incident Reporting Program for the following types of crimes:

  • Property destruction
  • Identity theft
  • Car Prowls
  • Auto Accessories
  • Theft of property (under $500)
  • Narcotics Activity
Emergencies Requiring Immediate Police Assistance:
Call 9-1-1 to:
  • Report a situation which requires a police officer at the scene (e.g. assaults, kidnapping, burglaries, domestic disputes, terroristic threats, violation of protection orders, biased crimes, parental kidnapping, motor vehicle theft, theft from person, auto accidents with injuries, etc.).
  • Summon an ambulance for medical assistance.
  • Report a fire.
  • Report a crime in progress.
  • Report suspicious, criminal activity in progress (e.g. alarms, shots fired, shouts for help, sounds of glass breaking, unfamiliar person carrying items from a house).
How do I file a report
  • Always call 9-1-1 in Emergencies such as the situations described above.
  • You may call the 24-hour Emergency Communications Center at (903) 566-6600, 7 days as week and speak to a dispatcher. You can expect the dispatcher to askk you for general information and a brief description of the problem.
    • You may ask to have a Deputy dispatched to your home or,
    • You may ask to speak with a deputy by telephone to file your report.
  • Deputies respond to calls by priority. Emergency or Crimes in Progress calls will always be answered first. Those incidents usually require at least two deputies to respond. You will be contacted as soon as the first deputy becomes available if it is a non-emergency or the crime is not in progress.
  • You may file a report at the Smith County Sheriff's Office Administration Building located at 227 North Spring Avenue in Tyler Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The building will be closed during holidays. If so, please call the Emergency Operations Center at (903) 566-6600 or use the Online Incident Reporting Program in non-emergency situations.
What to expect after filing a report
  • Your report will be forwarded to Criminal Investigations for follow up.
  • A Detective will be assigned to your case and will determine if additional witnesses need to be contacted for interviews and or statements.
  • You may be asked additional questions or asked to produce additional records pertaining to your case.
  • Depending on when you filed your report, you should be contacted by a detective for the initial follow up within five working days.
  • If you have questions or concerns about your case prior to being contacted by a detective; you may contact Criminal Investigations at (903) 590-2689 or (903) 590-2690. If your case has not been assigned to a Detective, you will be directed to a supervisor or someone who can help you.
  • There are limited circumstances where Texas Law permits the arrest of an individual when an offense is not committed in the presence or view of a peace officer.
  • Detectives will attempt to develop sufficient information through contacts with all parties involved and a review of the evidence collected to develop sufficient probable cause for an arrest. The courts will review the facts and circumstances and if probable cause is found; warrants will be issued for the arrest of persons responsible for the crime.
  • After the arrest, Detectives will present the case to the Smith County District Attorney for prosecution.
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